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Handbook / Manual / Guide by Hydraulic Institute, 2014

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A new guide for the pump industry, Variable Frequency Drives: Guidelines for Application, Installation, and Troubleshooting describes how VFDs can help reduce energy consumption, increase the reliability and life of pumping systems, and generate significant cost savings. This guide provides objective information on how VFDs are designed to be used, specifically within the pumping industry, while paying close attention to specific requirements that must be considered during system development and application selection, installation, operation, and troubleshooting. Design engineers, engineering contractors, trainers, reliability and maintenance staff, and end user operators will benefit from the information in this guide which includes:

  • An overview of basic VFD technology and how VFDs interact with their controls and the motor
  • A description of the application considerations including: wiring, grounding, load types and control functions, harmonics, critical speed interference, and mechanical design of the pump and motor when applied with a VFD
  • Installation considerations for VFDs including: environmental, electrical system, service entrance rating, and installation in building considerations
  • Procedures for troubleshooting basic VFD issues such as issues with hardware, fault codes, system problems, motor issues, and maintenance

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