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Laboratory processing of pulp (Kollergang method)
standard by Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry, 04/01/2015

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This method concerns the processing of pulp by means of a laboratory beating device, theKollergang, prior to forming handsheets, for the purpose of determining its behavior when subjected to a definitebeating schedule [See also TAPPI T 200 “Laboratory Processing of Pulp (Beater Method),” TAPPI T 248″Laboratory Beating of Pulp (PFI Mill Method),” UM 221 “Laboratory Processing of Pulp (plate refiner),” and UM253 “Laboratory Processing of Pulp (Ball or Pebble-Mill Method”)]. Only the furnishing and processing of the stockand the withdrawal and dilution of specimens are described in detail. Forming of the sheets is covered by T 205″Forming Handsheets for Physical Tests of Pulp” and their physical testing by T 220 “Physical Testing of PulpHandsheets.”

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