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standard by SAE International, 02/19/2013

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This specification is a general level subsystem light source specification that establishes test requirements of Light Emitting Diode (LED) components and modules for use in automotive lighting systems. The completed test data to this test specification is intended to be provided to the OEM by the Tier I lamp set maker as part of the lamp assembly PPAP. Re-testing shall be required if any portion of the approved LED modules experiences a design, manufacturing or component change. This document shall be applied to systems that meet the requirements for design, performance and validation established by government standards. The LED module is defined as the LED devices and any electronics required to properly energize the LEDs using vehicle electrical power system along with any associated electrical wiring, connectors and thermal management system. Samples shall be tested as a subsystem and considered one test sample for the entire test sequence. A failure of any component in the test sample shall constitute a failure of the entire sample. If other manufactures components are intended to be approved for use in the LED modules, then those possible combinations of components shall be considered a new LED module and shall also be tested. Additional testing may be required by individual OEM’s to meet specific EMC, quality, reliability and durability objectives. The following tests are to be performed under the following conditions: • New sample • Design or process change made to an existing module • Completion of one calendar year as noted in the “ANNUAL TESTS” Table shown in the Appendix. (Note: Production process control data, collected at a shorter interval per an approved control plan, may be substituted if approved by customer’s responsible engineer and purchasing representative.)

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