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Safety Instrumented Functions (SIF) – Safety Integrity Level (SIL) Evaluation Techniques Part 5: Determining the PFD of SIS Logic Solvers via Markov Analysis
standard by The International Society of Automation, 06/17/2002

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Scope1.1 ISA-TR84.00.02-2002 – Part 5 is informative and does not contain any mandatory requirements.ISA-TR84.00.02-2002 – Part 5 is intended to be used only with a thorough understanding of ISATR84.00.02-2002 – Part 1 which defines the overall scope.

1.2 ISA-TR84.00.02-2002 – Part 5 provides:

a) guidance in PFD analysis of logic solvers;
NOTE The term “logic solver” will be used throughout Part 5 to indicate the SIS logic solver. The logic solver technology may be any E/E/PES.
b) a method to determine the PFD of logic solvers;
c) failure rates and failure modes of logic solvers;
d) the impact of diagnostics, diagnostic coverage, covert faults, test intervals, common cause,systematic failures, redundancy of logic solvers on the PFD of the logic solver; and
e) a method for the verification of PFD of logic solvers.

1.3 The procedures and examples outlined in ISA-TR84.00.02-2002 – Part 5 provide the engineer withMarkov modeling steps to be followed in determining a mathematical value for the PFD for typicalconfigurations of SIS logic solvers designed according to ANSI/ISA-84.01-1996.

1.4 Persons using ISA-TR84.00.02-2002 – Part 5 require a basic knowledge of Markov Analysis.

1.5 See ISA-TR84.00.02-2002 – Part 1 (Introduction), Part 2 (Simplified Equations), Part 3 (Fault TreeAnalysis), and Part 4 (Markov Analysis) if it is necessary to mathematically evaluate the SIL of the safetyinstrumented function (SIF).

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