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standard by The International Society of Automation, 05/05/2003

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1 Scope

This report specifies requirements for the construction, assessment and testing of electrical apparatus with type of protection “n” which, when operating normally within its rated duty, is unlikely to be capable of igniting a surrounding explosive gas atmosphere.

This report specifies the features of apparatus which shall be assessed to achieve a satisfactorylevel of safety for electrical apparatus for use in Zone 2.

This report applies only to Group II electrical apparatus intended for use in locations with explosive gas atmospheres other than in mines subject to firedamp.

The requirements of IEC Publication ANSI/ISA 12.00.01:2000 [IEC60079-0 Mod] do not apply toelectrical apparatus with type of protection “n” unless otherwise specified in this document.

NOTE 1: This report does not prohibit the use of electrical apparatus complying with the requirements of a recognized standard for industrial electrical apparatus which does not in normal service produce arcs or sparks or ignition-capable hot surfaces. (See IEC Publication 79-14.)

NOTE 2: This report is worded in the manda t ory form because it was intended to be a “Standard”. It is up to each National Committee, when drafting a similar document based on this report, to decide which form of wording to use in their national standard or report.

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